Why do you choose De Yi Tang TCM Center?

  1. Decheng Medical -De Yi Tang TCM Center is a well-known Chinese medicine brand in New York. It is the flagship store of Chinese medicine in the United States to serve patients and treat diseases.

  2. There are many well-known and senior Chinese medicine practitioners in the Decheng Medical -De Yi Tang TCM Center. The doctor team has rich experience, high seniority and high education. It is characterized by specialist diseases.

  3. The treatment uses traditional Chinese medicine methods, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Tui NA, moxibustion, cupping, scraping and so on. Chinese herbal medicine is divided into internal and external use. The traditional Chinese medicine has traditional decoction pieces and concentrated granules, and is boiled with traditional Chinese medicine.

  4. Remote consultation, mailing Chinese herbs, one-stop service.

  5. The most health insurance accepted (More accepted insurance plans)

  6. Decheng Medical- De Yi Tang Center is conveniently located and has good service. Decheng Medical Center is located in Manhattan. It can be used by subway, train or car. The De Yi TAng TCM Center is located in the large-necked area of Long Island, with a 20-minute drive from Flushing Queens. The clinic is in a good environment, clean and quiet, with easy music during the treatment.