A therapy method involving burning of moxa sticks that stimulates the circulation of energy within the body. Moxibustion is usually practiced alongside acupuncture for enhanced result.


Moxibustion uses pre-made moxa sticks made of wormwood herb to burn, smoke and iron at certain points on the body surface, and uses thermal stimulation to prevent and treat diseases. Moxa is most commonly used, so it is called moxibustion, and there are other methods such as medicine-separated moxibustion, wicker moxibustion, wick moxibustion, and mulberry moxibustion. Today, people often use moxibustion in their lives. The moxibustion treatment method  is divided into direct moxibustion and indirect moxibustion, and according to the amount of moxa, it is divided into smoke moxibustion and smokeless moxibustion. Direct moxibustion is a type of skin moxibustion and is performed by placing the moxa stick directly on the acupoint skin. According to the degree of skin irritation after moxibustion, there are scar moxibustion and scarless moxibustion. If the skin needs to be burned and purulent during moxibustion, those who have scars after healing are called scar moxibustion. If the skin is not burned and purulent, and those without scars are called scarless moxibustion.







Indirect moxibustion: is also called partition moxibustion. It is a combination of ginger, garlic, edible salt, or medicinal cakes, which are warm and aromatic, under the moxa. There are many types of indirect moxibustion. Unused items can be used as septa according to different conditions.





Smoke moxibustion: “Introduction to Medicine” of the Ming dynasty: “Missing medicine is not enough, but needle is not enough, and moxibustion is necessary.” Modern scientific experiments and clinical practice have proven that moxibustion has the functions of adjusting the organ functions of the viscera, promoting metabolism in the body, increasing the number of red and white blood cells and phagocytic functions, and adjusting and improving the immune function of the body. Through certain acupuncture point moxibustion, the human body can produce a mild burning sensation. Utilizing this thermal effect, the irritation caused by penetration into human skin can promote the smooth circulation of blood and play a role in healing and health care. Moxa leaves are warm and have the effect of warming and dispersing cold; Ai Wei is fragrant and has the function of opening hair and penetrates the skin; Ai can warm the twelve meridians and use moxibustion to achieve disease prevention and health care.





Smokeless moxibustion: Moxa sticks produced by modern technology. Usually, the smoke is small or smokeless, and the treatment effect is the same as that of smoke moxa sticks.