Motion acupuncture “treating lumbago from abdomen”

In February 3-6, 2017, as invited by American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine inMinnesota, Dr. Cheng was giving lectures to the doctoral class of TCM. During the lecture, as requested by students, Dr. Chen consulted a few patients, including two students, whose symptoms were typical of psoas major injury. Motion acupuncture was therefore applied for the treatment, which immediately resulted in efficacy. The pain disappeared, and the mobility returned to normal. Here is the case that we would like to share with the readers:

A 40 year-old female complained of low back pain for more than 3 years. She feels painful in her low back, with muscle tension and limited mobility, which sometimes extends to the entire back, and worse in the left. The pain sometimes radiates to the front and lateral sides of left thigh. Mobility examination: flexion 90 degrees, no problem; extension: 10 degrees, slightly limited; lateral bending to the right side 20 degrees; straight leg lifting backward test: about 30 degrees, both significantly limited, accompanied by pain while in motion. 。Examination: there were two deep tenderness points located at the left lower abdomen, one was 2-inch lateral to the midline and 2 inch inferior to the umbilicus, the other was a strong tenderness point on the surface projection of the left lesser trochanter.

As diagnosed as “low back pain caused by psoas muscle injury”, motion acupuncture was applied for the treatment. Specifically, the above three points were needled, with two 3-inch needles inserted into the abdomen perpendicularly, and three 1-inch needles into the lesser trochanter obliquely. After insertion of the needles, the patient was asked to do straight back elevation, supine sitting and abdominal breathing, each action repeated 6 times as a group, with 3 groups as a total. After twenty minutes of treatment, the patient’s lumbar pain disappeared completely. The straight leg lift test at both sides was about 80 degrees, and the right-side bending of lumbago was significantly improved.

Diagnosis: 1. The patient suffered from long-term chronic lumbar pain, and had undergone a lot of treatments, including acupuncture (the patient herself is an acupuncturist). 2, the present point of pain was not accurately located. When she was asked to point out the most painful point with a finger, she just placed her left hand on her left lumbar, up and down. She could tell the pain was more se

vere on the left lower back, but unable to locate the exact point of pain, 3. There was a deep tenderness in her left abdomen.4. Lumbar flexion was not limited, but extension was limited. 5. The previous treatments, including acupuncture and massage, were on the lumbar side, which generated a certain effect, but a complete improvement has not been seen.

Based on the above considerations, it was diagnosed as “left psoas major injury”, Acupuncture treatment was performed by inserting needles from abdomen. No treatment was performed from lumbar. The results show that low back pain disappeared. This is another case of treatment of low back pain from abdomen.



*** Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person***


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