Bell’s Palsy of Treatment with Acupuncture

A seventy-year old man from china came to the UnitedStates to visit his son and his family. The next day after landing, his right facial muscles became paralyzed. But he didn’t have health insurance in the United States so he was ready to return immediately to China to seek medical help. His daughter in law recommended him to try acupuncture at our office. When he came to the our office, his condition was considered severe and we could tell he felt depressed and helpless. So much so that he still planned on going back to China. On examination we found: drooping on the right side, the eyebrows were uneven and significantly lower on the right side, loss of right side forehead wrinkles, inability to completely close right eyelid, drooping on right side of mouth, mouth twisted to the left when he smiled, and could not hold his breath and air leaked out from right side (see the two photographs before and after treatment). He also complained of water and food leaking out when he ate or drank. He was diagnosis with having Bell’s Palsy. We saw significant improvement after one week of acupuncture treatments. We saw wrinkles on the right side of forehead again, his right eye was able to close tightly again, and there was also a significant improvement in eating and drinking. The elderly man began to feel more confident and decided not to return to China for treatment. He then continued treatment here for two weeks. He received treatments for three weeks consisting of 14 sessions of acupuncture. After which, he finally recovered from Bell’s Palsy. The man was very satisfied and very happy. With the consent of the patient, the before and after treatment photos are attached.

[Comment]: This case was complicated, even though the facial paralysis was very suitable for acupuncture; his age, poor health, kidney transplant, taking long term western medicine, and blood weakness, all made it considerably more difficult to treat compared to a young healthy person who would recover in a shorter amount of time.
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*** Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person***


*** Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person***

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