Patients with Uterine Fibroids successfully conceive and give birth

Patients with Uterine Fibroids successfully conceive and give birth



——Things about helping pregnancy with Acupuncture and Chinese medicine in De Yi Tang clinic, New York





[New York News] One day in early June of this year, the picture of a newborn baby and a letter of thanks were sent to De Yi Tang clinic from a mother. The newborn baby was very cute and the letter said that the newborn baby boy had a weight of 1835 grams and a height of 41.5 cm. The mom finally had her first baby and she was very grateful to Dr Decheng Chen and all the staff of De Yi Tang clinic.



Here is the thing. This lady came to De Yi Tang for treatment in July 2020. She was 35 years old at that time and she has tried to get pregnant naturally for more than a year without any progress. She was diagnosed as “uterine fibroids” in June 2019. With the size of 1.5×1.3cm in diameter, the uterine fibroid was located on the side wall of the uterus, accompanied by irregular menstruation and heavy menstrual bleeding and longer menstrual cycle. Her period usually came every 45-60 days, which was accompanied by dysmenorrhea. The couple tried to conceive naturally every month for more than a year from 2019 to 2020, but they haven’t made it.





After inquiring about her medical history, we knew that this lady has suffered from severe dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation for more than 10 years. She accepted the advice from western medicine doctors and took contraceptives for 4 years. When she started to prepare for pregnancy in 2019, she stopped using contraceptives, but her menstruation became irregular once again.



In July 2020, she came to our clinic to receive Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment and adjust the body condition. The ultrasound examination at this time revealed that the uterine fibroids had increased significantly, which had a diameter of 3.1×2.3cm in just one year. Her blood tests was good, including FSH, E2 and LH. Dr Chen suggested adjusting her body condition by acupuncture and Chinese medicine. At the same time, she could try natural pregnancy. Her menstruation started to become normal from August and there was no dysmenorrhea or menstrual period prolonged. With the treatment and specific guidance from Dr Chen in the next 3 months, she was confirmed pregnancy success in October. At the same time, miscarriage prevention medication was given to her in the first 12 weeks. On May 30, 2021, she gave birth to a son.



Uterine fibroids are the most common benign tumors in female reproductive organs. The incidence is about 30% in women between 30 and 50 years old. There are latent fibroids of different sizes and numbers in the uterus. It is rare under the age of 30 and very rare under the age of 20, compared with the highest incidence in 40-50 years old, which accounts for about 51.2% to 60.9%. After menopause, the fibroids begin to shrink. If they keep growing up, we need to be very careful.



De Yi Tang is a long-established Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture clinic in New York. Established in 2004, De Yi Tang contains two clinics in Manhattan and Long Island, New York. Focusing on Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, massage, moxibustion, cupping, and Gua Sha, we mainly uses traditional Chinese medicine to prevent and treat diseases to help patients.



Dr Decheng Chen is a license Acupuncturist in New York and he is a renowned physician with over 30 years of clinical and research experience. After receiving his PhD in Acupuncture at Changchun University of China, Dr Chen became a practitioner and professor at China’s most prestigious TCM university. He has also preexisted, taught and researched in Russia, Egypt, Dubai, amongst other countries before moving to the United States. Dr Chen is currently the president of American TCM Acupuncture Heritage Association and the director of World Federation of Acupuncture Moxibustion Society. Dr Chen is also a specialized herbalist. His herbal formulas can be tailored to individual patients as well as to the masses. Dr Chen’s combined his knowledge and clinical experience in both acupuncture and herbs and he has published more than 15 books on various subjects of health and wellness. He has also published more than 100 professional articles on his research in acupuncture.



Dr Chen said that women suffering from uterine fibroids should not be worried. They can make an ultrasound examination to determine the size, number and location of fibroids. If you want to get pregnant naturally, you need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Women at the childbearing age.
  2. The diameter of fibroids is less than 4.0cm.
  3. The location of fibroids are not at the Cervix, bottom or back wall of the Uterus.
  4. The female blood hormone test is basically within the normal range.
  5. Husband’s reproductive function is normal.



If these conditions are met, natural pregnancy can basically be achieved after Acupuncture and Chinese medicine conditioning. If these conditions cannot be met, a longer period of TCM adjustment is required or assisted reproductive technology, such as IUI or IVF. The success rate will also be greatly improved under the adjustment of TCM.



In addition to treating soft tissue injuries, De Yi Tang Clinic also treats various pain, insomnia, anxiety, infertility and assists in IVF treatment, especially for those who failed IVF before. The success rate of acupuncture and Chinese medicine assisted IVF is 72%. Besides, De Yi Tang is also good at treating gastrointestinal diseases, cough and asthma, eczema and acne, prostate diseases, etc. The clinic accepts partial medical insurance.



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