Long Acupuncture needles for Chronic Sinusitis

A male patient, 43 years old, has been diagnosed with sinusitis for 25 years since 18 years old. He has the common symptoms of nasal congestion, thick snot, forehead pain, which come frequently and seriously affect his life. The Western diagnosis is “chronic sinusitis”. He has taken a variety of antibiotics and other medicines but no improvement ever since. His Western medicine ENT specialists recommend surgery, but the patient is fear of surgery. Therefore, he came to our office. Special acupuncture was applied for the treatment by using a 3-inch long needle to prick slowly the temple Tai Yang Hou (posterior Tai Yang) and Xia Guan(St 7) points. The acupuncture therapy was given to him twice a week. After eight treatments, he was so happy and said that all symptoms have improved 80 percent and he has never felt so comfortable in the past 20 years. He found he has no headache and no snot and his nose smooth.

Note】For safety, beginners should not try to imitate.

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