Motion Acupuncture to Cure Neck and Waist Pain

Motion Acupuncture to Cure Neck and Waist Pain

” Motion Acupuncture ” means in the process of acupuncture treatment, the doctor uses the needles while the patient do the movement freely to quickly relieve pain. It is an acupuncture treatment of a disease. This treatment mainly applied to the pain on soft tissues and joints. It generates significant effects especially for cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc and other symptoms.
In the medical book of ” Emperor Huang nei jing “, (a well-known significant medical book which stems back a thousand of years ago), says that any pain is caused by the meridians barrier, as long as meridians get smooth, the pain will disappear. Motion Acupuncture is a combination of contemporary theory of sports myofascial trigger point pain based on traditional Chinese medicine theory, then forms a most effective treatment. Before the treatment, the relevant sensitive point or excitation point need to be found and followed by acupuncture needles. Then acupuncture is applied on the hand to relax the muscle in order to clear the meridians and relieve pain.

Dr. Decheng Chen, a licensed acupuncturists of NY state and MD (Acupuncture), has the Western academic background and bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degree. He has more than 11 years of formal medical education and nearly 30 years of clinical experience. As an acupuncture famous scientist Professor Qiu Maoliang doctoral students, he graduated from Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and was former deputy director of the Beijing Academy of Traditional Chinese physicians. He has published “Chinese acupuncture point therapy alone” and other 15 monographs and hundreds of articles. He has visited Egypt on behalf of the country to provide the treatment of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Motion acupuncture relieve pain rapidly. Dr. Decheng Chen said motion acupuncture can promote tissue release of biological signals to stimulate the function of nerve on the neck and waist, thus clear the meridians and loose connective tissue, and connective tissue fiber conduction through biological signals. It changes the state of the cell voltage-gated channels, which quickly changed electrophysiological microscopic cells and tissues, and improve muscle spasms and soft tissue contractures. It rapidly increases the blood circulation which makes meridians smooth and the pain disappear.

Dr. Decheng Chen points out motion acupuncture to treat pain usually takes effect at once and a course (3 times) can be significantly relieve the pain under the guidance of doctors and proper exercise and rest of the patient. Long-term effect can guarantee the effect. Feature of this treatment is that it takes effect rapidly but without using drugs and conducting the surgery.
A female, 45 years old, 10 years of diagnosis of cervical disease, often had symptoms of dizziness, headache, blurred vision, stiff neck discomfort on the left side, limited mobility, numb arm, insomnia and tinnitus. She had multi-rehabilitation like acupuncture, massage and medication, but it works a little and the situation got worse. Motion acupuncture treatment generates effective pain relief and increase the flexibility of exercises. She continuously took treatments three times and found cervical pain relieved and sleep well. A month later, her cervical pain did not occur. We recommend that rest and exercises are still needed.

A male, 37 years old, due to moving heavy objects 5 years ago, had the lumbar disc herniation and leg pain which recurred frequently. He even cannot stand and walk when it comes seriously. He often has lumbar and leg pain and feel weak. When he moves or exercises, he need to be very cautious. Little carelessness causes serious pain episodes. He has long-term use of painkillers, so he usually suffers stomach ache. Other therapies are also tried, but the effect is not significant. He was recommended to do surgery and the date of appointment was decided. After a motion acupuncture treatment, leg pain, acid, weakness significantly alleviate. After the continuous treatment three times and the consolidation effect of traditional acupuncture, his situation was getting better a month later and he cancelled the surgery appointment.

In addition to the treatment of neck and waist pain, Dr. Chen Decheng also provides the treatment of facial paralysis, neck, shoulders, waist, knee pain and other pain, gastrointestinal disorders, cough, asthma, prostate disease, urinary incontinence, difficulty urinating, diabetes, numbness in the hand, cough, asthma, menstrual, menopause, gynecological inflammation, uterine fibroids, women infertility, dizziness, tinnitus, cancer, eczema and hay fever and other difficult diseases. He also has specialize in acupuncture treatment of acne, warts, alopecia, vitiligo, wrinkles, and facial elasticity.
Decheng Medical Center accepts United Health Care, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, Oxford, and the first health insurance card for elderly.

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