Motion Acupuncture for low back pain (Video testimony)

Dr. Decheng Chen L.Ac. Ph.D.


Motion Acupuncture for Lower Back Pain(2E)动筋针法治疗腰痛

Testimonial for Lower Back Pain with only one acupuncture treatment 腰痛治疗前后见证



A male patient, 69 years old, has low back pain for 25 years and it comes and goes. The pain has been getting worse since last week. When he came to our office today, his back pain caused him unable to move to any direction. He can’t bend his waist more than a range of 30°.The pain made him act very slowly. Through the examination, the right side lumbar muscle, erector spinae and gluteus maximus muscle show spasms and stiffness. There are many nodules after the right leg, calf and fibula edge. After the motion acupuncture treatment, his back pain totally disappeared. The range of motion of his waist can move more than 90°and his fingers can touch his toes. Looking at dynamic testing before and after treatment, a substantial improvement in flexion is achieved. He is very pleased and expresses his gratitude.

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