Motion Acupuncture for Acute Ankle Sprain

Today I treated a patient with acute ankle sprains by motion acupuncture, the result is Immediate.

Female, 21 years old, it has been 2 hours after she sprained her ankle by falling down. Her right lateral side of the ankle was painful, swollen, pain, range of motion was limited, and it was difficult to walk.

Examination: Find the tendon that attaches the ankle to the in the lower leg and the lateral malleolus. The lateral lower leg muscle has tension and is tight, there is a nodule that’s the size of a bean located in GB Meridians of the Foot Shaoyang on the lateral lower leg. There is also a strip that has the thickness of a pencil and it is half an inch in the UB Meridian of Foot Taiyang on the posterior side of the lower leg. Both of them had obvious tenderness.

Treatment: needling around the nodules. Let her do appropriate movements according to my instructions. Her lateral malleolus pain was relieved immediately; I was so surprise to find the swelling in the right ankle was reduced by 50% during the exercise (see pictures). At the end of the exercise, the swelling had almost completely disappeared and her right ankle pain was decreased by 90%, she also had free movement when walking. She kept saying “Oh, my God, unbelievable!”(see the pictures before and after treatments).

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