Acupuncture for Menopause

July 20, 2007 World Journal

Acupuncture for Menopause

–Switching Hormone Replacement Therapy with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

Females entering menopause, between the ages 45-55, due to the ovary atrophy, hormone levels in the body will naturally decrease, commonly displaying symptoms such as excessive sweating, heart palpitates, lack of sleep, easily angered, anxiousness, numbness of skin, scabies, dizziness in head, headaches (migraine), lack of sexual urges, abnormal periods, stopped periods and other symptoms. Doctors would normally choose using hormone replacement therapy to reverse these symptoms, but the side effects after the therapy have worried many females. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has already confirmed the statement of “the therapy might be carcinogenic to humans” in to a positive statement of “the therapy will be carcinogenic to humans”. Lately they have related the therapy to the cause of breast cancer. Not long ago 21 Medical scientists through careful research have found that replacing the use of estrogen with progestrogen to treat menopause symptoms is dangerous because not long after 10 days of using progestrogen the risks of breast cancer in the vagina will increase.

As a result, the importance of finding a natural, effective, drug free product is the society’s main concern today.

After years of experimenting with new ways of acupuncture to treat and cure menopause, Dr. Chen has achieved satisfying results. Dr. Chen points out that in order to treat menopause, treatments must begin in the liver and kidneys, mainly to cool it down and get rid of any excess heat it might have had. He has treated many cases by using acupuncture combination with a Female Menopause Formula, after a month a noticeable change in the symptoms.

Otherwise, some of the patients have shown menopause’s symptoms due to stop taking birth control pills suddenly. Therefore it is causing the following symptoms; irregular menstruation, black spots on face, acne, etc. For whatever reason these patients have decided to stop taking these medicines, it will still make it hard for the symptoms to disappear. Acupuncture and herb can help treat everything (See picture).

*** Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person***

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