Acupuncture for Lower Back Pain (Psoas Major Injury)

A female patient, 56 years old, has suffered severe lower back pain the whole day. She describes that previously she had a ten years’ history of osteoarthritis which led to her lower back pain that occurs frequently. Because she bent her lower back to sweep and clean the floor too long at home yesterday, her lower back pain was getting worse, which results in a limited range of bending. She did not sleep last night because she couldn’t lie down straightly on the bed. She can’t stretch and extend after the lower back while standing. She can’t sit down because standing up from a sitting position is very difficult. Later she kept standing while I did the consultation for her. Physical examination: there is no problem for her to bend forward, stand or walk. However, her range of thigh extension was much limited on the prone position. She was thus diagnosed with “acute lumbar sprain” (Psoas Marjor injury).
The first step of the treatment is to find the abdominal pressure point of psoas muscle, and then to find the surface projection of a small rotor of the psoas muscle, all of which, She fells significantly painful when I press the point pressed. The treatment applies Motion acupuncture was applied in the abdomen and inner side of the front thigh, without a needle in the lower back. After treatment for only by one-time treatment once, the back pain totally disappeared. She and she can move freely. The dynamic examination showed motion detects that her lower back recovered to a normal range of movement. The patient is very happy and expressed her gratitude. Her granddaughter, who accompanied her and with this significant change, also requires asked for the treatment of her back and shoulder pain. See dynamic monitoring results before and after treatment:


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