Acupuncture for knee pain (osteoarthritis)

July 8, 2006 World Journal

Acupuncture for knee pain (osteoarthritis)

–Knee Pain Treatment by Acupuncture and Herbal Ointment

World Journal New York news: Dr. Decheng Chen treats patients with knee pain (osteoarthritis) by acupuncture and external herbal ointment and results are exceptional. The therapy is safe and effective, with no side effects. Dr. Decheng Chen thinks that the special acupuncture techniques can increase the synovial fluid to the knee joint to lubricate and protect. The topical herbal ointment can help maintain the results. Although acupuncture cannot increase bone proliferation, but it can improve local blood circulation, eliminate inflammation, relieve pain, increase joint mobility, and maintain normal physiological functions (See picture).

*** Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person***

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