Acupuncture Treatment for Acne in New York De Yi Tang Clinic


Acupuncture Treatment for  Acne in New York De Yi Tang Clinic

Dr Ming Li combined acupuncture and Chinese medicine to treat acne and adjust the whole body condition





[New York News] A reporter recently met a mother at the De Yi Tang Clinic in New York. She took her 17-year-old daughter to the De Yi Tang for treatment. After learning that her daughter’s face was gradually covered with acne for 2 years, and her menstruation has been delayed more than half a year, her family doctor


recommended taking contraceptives for treatment, but her mother considered that her daughter is still young and should not take contraceptives. So they came to De Yi Tang to seek treatment. Dr Li said that when he saw her daughter, who was obese with heavy hairs and low voice, he advised them to take further blood test and ultrasound examination. According to the test results, the girl was diagnosed as “polycystic ovary syndrome” (PCOS). After more than 3 months of treatment with acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, her mother was very excited that her daughter’s menstruation has come on time and the acne on her face has also been significantly reduced.


Acne, as a common chronic inflammatory skin disease of the hair follicles sebaceous glands, occurs in adolescence and is more common in menopausal women. Mostly manifested as facial acne, pustules, purples and cysts, acne is more common in the upper chest and back. The skin lesions of acne include both open acne (blackheads) and closed acne (whiteheads), which may further evolve into papules, pustules, and even cysts. Although seems different, all of these can bring huge psychological pressure to the patient.


It is generally believed that acne is caused by chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the hair follicle, which leads to blockage of the sebaceous glands and excessive sebum secretion. However, Dr Li wants to remind that acne is not only a skin disease, but may also be accompanied by endocrine diseases. Acne cannot be completely cured if we only treat it as a skin disease, especially for women. Due to their unique physiological and pathological characteristics, female hormone levels are unstable in adolescence. Their androgen secretion increases and the excretion of sebum increase, which may lead to polycystic ovary syndrome. When treating acne with Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is very necessary to consider comprehensively, which include regulating endocrine function, stimulating ovarian function and balancing hormone secretion. So that acne can be cured completely.


Dr Ming Li is a licensed acupuncturist in New York State and he also holds a Chinese physician license. He graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine with a master’s degree and passed the standardized training of residents in Beijing. He has studied Chinese medicine for nearly 10 years. During his master’s period, he participated in many research projects, including Acupuncture treatment of post-stroke anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, dyspepsia, etc. Under the instruction of Dr Decheng Chen in New York, he is good at using motion acupuncture to treat pain caused by various soft tissue injuries, skin diseases and infertility. At the same time, he is good at treating various diseases by regulating “Qi”, such as anxiety, insomnia and other mental emotion diseases. Dr Li has treated diplomatic envoys from the United States, the Czech Republic and other countries, and he was widely praised.


For the treatment of acne, Western medicine usually uses oral anti-inflammatory drugs, glucocorticoids, antibiotics and other treatments. Although the symptoms can be relieved, to some extent, which often relapse after stopping the drugs. Also, the long-term antibiotics can inhibit the body’s immune function. The side effects are relatively huge and it may cause other endocrine and digestive system diseases. Some patients take antibiotics for a long time and they still can’t get obvious improvement.


According to Dr Decheng Chen from De Yi Tang Clinic, acne is not simply a skin disease, but has a lot to do with endocrine, especially the development of female ovaries. For example, many women are susceptible to PCOS and they are most likely to seek treatment based on the symptoms of acne. In the course of treatment, skin treatment is not enough once PCOS is found after examination. It must be combined with the adjustment of the endocrine system and the adjustment of menstrual physiology in order to achieve a complete cure.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, female acne is divided into damp heat, heat toxins, and disharmony of Chong-Conception Channel. In addition to clearing heat, detoxifying, and removing dampness, we also have to pay attention to regulating women’s Chong-Conception Channel, regulating liver and kidney. As the menstrual period return to normal, the acne be really healed. Dr Li believes that it is not difficult to eliminate acne, while preventing the repeated growth of acne is the key to our treatment. Adhering to comprehensive adjustments during treatment, we need to take care both internal and external with acupuncture that dredge the meridians and remove acne and Chinese Medicine that adjust the whole body system. With 2 treatments per week, it can be effective after 2-3 weeks and can be completely recovery after 2-3 months.


Deyitang is a long-established Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture clinic in New York. Established in 2004, De Yi Tang contains two clinics in Manhattan and Long Island, New York.


In addition to treating soft tissue injuries, De Yi Tang also treats various pain, insomnia, anxiety, infertility and assists in IVF treatment, especially for those who failed IVF before. The success rate of acupuncture and Chinese medicine assisted IVF is 72%. Besides, De Yi Tang is also good at treating gastrointestinal diseases, cough and asthma, eczema and acne, prostate diseases, etc. The clinic accepts partial medical insurance.



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