Acupuncture for Neck Pain

Motion Acupuncture for Sternocladomastoid Injury

Mr. Zhu is a 65 year old who complained of neck stiffness and pain for two months. He had limited range of motion of his neck and the pain is increased when he turns his head to the right. After examination, we found a 1 cm by 1.5 cm nodule on his right sternocladomastoid muscle that was causing the pain. His range of motion was reduced to neck flexion 15 °, extension 30°, 15° rotation of the left and right rotation of 45°. He was diagnosed with sternocladomastoid muscle injury along with right sided splenius captiis and scalene muscle injuries. His first treatment only addressed the sternocladomastoid problem. With the needle in his sternocladomastoid muscle, he was asked to perform some neck exercises, including looking down and up, and turning left and right. After some treatments, he can flex the neck 30 degrees extend 45 degrees, rotate left 45 degrees, and rotate right 80 degrees. The nodule on his muscle also shrunk significantly. Watch the video:


Motion Acupuncture for Sternocladomastoid Injury


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