Dr. Decheng Chen L.Ac. Ph.D.


Dr. Decheng Chen L.Ac. Ph.D.

       About Dr. Chen

       Dr. Decheng Chen, License Acupuncturist in New York, Ph.D. in TCM, he is a renowned         physician with over 30 years of clinical and research experience. After receiving his PhD in   Acupuncture at Changchun University of China, Dr. Chen became a practitioner and professor at   China’s most prestigious TCM university, The National University of Acupuncture in Beijing. He   has also preexisted, taught and researched in Russia, Egypt, Dubai, amongst other countries   before moving to the United States. Dr. Chen is currently the president of American TCM   Acupuncture Heritage Association, and director of World Federation of Acupuncture-     Moxibustion Society.

 Dr. Chen is also a specialized herbalist. His herbal formulas can be tailored to individual patients   as well as to the masses. Dr. Chen’s combined his knowledge and clinical experience in both   acupuncture and herbs, and published more than 15 books on various subjects of health and   wellness. He has also published more than 100 professional articles on his research in   acupuncture.

Dr. Decheng Chen L.Ac. Ph. D.

  • Professor of New York College of Health Professions

  • Bachelor and Muster graduated from Changchun University of TCM

  • Ph.D. graduated from Nanjing University of TCM

  • Associate Professor of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

  • More than 30 years of practical experience in acupuncture and T.C.M.

  • Published 17 books and hundreds of articles on acupuncture and T.C.M.

  • Provided acupuncture treatment for Egyptian President Mubarak

  • Treatment of pain, eczema, cough, asthma, gastrointestinal disease, infertility, assisted IVF treatment, tumor conditioning, etc.

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