Cupping is a Traditional Acupuncture therapy, which a practice used cups for detox and pain relief amongst other conditions, this tradition can be used to complement acupuncture sessions to release toxins in the body.



Cupping uses a glass cup as a tool to generate negative pressure by means of fire and air extraction, which makes it adsorb on the surface of the body and cause local stasis, so as to achieve pass through and activating circulation, qi and blood circulation, swelling and analgesia, expelling wind and cold Functional therapy. Cupping therapy has a long history in China. As early as in the Western Han Dynasty, the book “Fifty-two Diseases” has a record of “horn method”, which is similar to the subsequent pot therapy. In ancient Greece and ancient Rome, cupping therapy was also popular.





Cupping methods

1.) Flash Fire Cupping: use tweezers to ignite the alcohol cotton ball, and then make a circle inside the cup; stick it onto the skin. After the cup is stuck on the body surface,  it is usually left for 5 to 10 minutes; it is mostly used for neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain.




2.) Motion Cupping:The mouth of the cup is coated with kaleidoscope oil. After sucking the cup to the skin, hold the bottom of the it and push it up and down several times until the skin becomes flushed. It is used for areas with large areas and thick muscles, such as lower back. And other disorders.



3.) Flash Cupping: Immediately after the cup is pulled out, it is sucked up and down repeatedly until the skin flushes; it is mostly used for facial paralysis.


4.) Acupuncture and Cupping: first use a plum needle or a triangular needle to stab or puncture and bleed locally; then cupping to bleed 3 to 5 milliliters of blood in the cup; it is mostly used for acne and other skin diseases.






(1) When cupping, don’t burn the mouth of the cup, otherwise the skin will be burned

(2) The cup should not be on the skin for over 20 minutes, otherwise it will damage the skin.

(3) Skin allergies, ulcers, edema, heart, large blood vessels, and lower abdomen are not suitable for cupping.





Flash Cupping for Bell’s Palsy