Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is a collection of traditional Chinese medicine theories to guide the collection, processing, preparations, explain the mechanism of action, and guide clinical applications of drugs, collectively referred to as traditional Chinese medicine. In short, traditional Chinese medicine refers to substances that are used for the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of diseases and have the functions of rehabilitation and health care under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory. Traditional Chinese medicine is mainly derived from natural medicines and processed products, including plants, animal medicines, mineral medicines, and some chemical and biological products. Because Chinese medicine is mostly plant medicines, there is a saying that “the herbs are grass-based.”


Take orally

Decoction (herbal decoction)
Decoction refers to a liquid dosage form made by the juice extracts by boiling or soaking the herbs. It’s the earliest and most widely used dosage form in China. The decoction adapts to the principle of syndrome differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, with the addition and subtraction of symptoms. It has the advantages of simple and easy preparation, fast absorption, and rapid exertion of medicinal effects.



NY Sunny Acupuncture-Deyitang has automatic equipments imported from South Korea to cook and pack the medicine. According to the different physiques of cold and heat, it is equipped with suitable prescriptions, and it usually takes 30 days to cook for one course.

Powder (Chinese medicine formula granules)

Traditional Chinese medicine formula granules are granules made by extracting and concentrating single-flavored traditional Chinese medicine pieces for clinical formulas of traditional Chinese medicine. China previously called single-flavored Chinese medicine concentrated granules, and its trade name and folk name also include no-fried Chinese medicine decoction pieces, new decoction pieces, refined decoction pieces, beverage-type decoction pieces, and scientific Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine granules are a new type of prescription medicine with uniform specifications, uniform dosage, and uniform quality standards, which are processed through extraction, separation, concentration, drying, granulation, packaging and other production processes using traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces as raw materials.
Ny Sunny Acupuncture-Deyitang is equipped with powder for 7 days as a unit, which is convenient for prescriptions. The prescriptions are dispensed into bags. This should be taken according to the doctor’s order.



Chinese patent medicine (Chinese herbal medicine)

Chinese patent medicine is made from Chinese medicinal materials. Under the guidance of Chinese medicine theory, in order to prevent and treat diseases, it is processed into prescribed Chinese medicine products. It is approved by the State Drug Administration for commercial sale. In order for Chinese medicine to be used for clinical application, it must not only have the corresponding drug name, usage, dosage, specifications, and specific quality standards and testing methods, but also have exact curative effects, clear scope of application, contraindications and precautions.



Ny Sunny Acupuncture-Deyitang has developed Chinese medicines such as Sleeping Aid, Cough Relief Aid, Stomach Care, Ovulation Aid, Period Care, Pregnancy Aid, Eczema Aid (three-piece set), Menopause Aid. We provide long-distance consultations and can mail the Chinese medicine.



External use

Traditional Chinese medicine spray for external use, Ny Sunny Acupuncture-Deyitang developed its own spray for muscle and joint pain in soft tissues. Such as analgesic spray.

Arthritis Aid Liquid               Trauma Aid Liquid


Tincture refers to a clear liquid preparation made by extracting or dissolving a raw drug with a specified concentration of ethanol, or it can be made by diluting with a flow extract. Available for internal or external use.


Acne Care Liquid       Hair Aid Liquid


Bath Powder/ Washing treatment

Foot Bath Powder and Vulvar cleaner



Chinese medicine is used for topical application to treat eczema, psoriasis, etc.




Topical plasters made from traditional Chinese medicine to treat eczema, psoriasis, etc.]

Anti-Rash Patch



Sanfu Patch