Natural Acupuncture & Wellness P.C. and De Yi Tang, found in 2004, are two clinic offices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which are managed under Dr. Decheng Chen L. Ac. Ph. D.  and respectively located in Manhattan and Long Island.

De Yi Tang is a TCM facility which offers both medical and pharmaceutical treatment modalities that integrate many TCM methods with many years of clinic experience. It has its own line of Chinese medicine products, such as Sleeping Aid, Coughing Remedies, Nourishing Stomach Treatments, Ovulation Nutrition, Pregnancy Aid, Anti-eczema, Menopause Care, Prostate Aid, etc.

De Yi Tang is a TCM clinic made up of a number of experienced Chinese medicine specialists to provide pulse diagnosis and treatment plans individualized to patients. We offer Chinese herbal medicine pills, concentrated herbal granules, and herb cooking services with advanced cooking and packaging machine equipment. We also provide remote consultation, prescriptions and mail order of Chinese medicine.