德成医生非常乐于助人,办公室的每个人都很友善。 我在2014年参观了他的中心,当时他们仍然在第34街上驻扎。 当我怀孕37周左右时,我去了那里进行灸疗,以帮助我的臀位婴儿。 我去了三次,相隔一两天,婴儿的头就转过来了。 在第39周结束时,我继续进行了简单的自然分娩。 我非常感谢德成医生及其工作人员的出色服务,并帮助我避免了剖腹产。 我会向任何人强烈推荐他的做法。

Dr. Decheng was very helpful and everyone in the office was very nice. I visited his center in 2014 when they were still had a location on 34th street. I went there for moxibustion when I was around 37th week pregnant to help with turning my breech baby. I only went maybe 3 times, a day or two apart and the baby turned head down. I went on to have an uncomplicated natural delivery in the end of my 39th week. I am very thankful to Dr. Decheng and his staff for great service and for helping me avoid a c section. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone.

– E V. (7/26/2016)






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