陈德成博士的动筋针法在我的T12 / L1上创造了奇迹。我的椎间盘突出症是L4 / L5和L5 / S1,每次发作都会导致肌肉痉挛,使我无法入睡。后果是脊椎不平衡,T12 / L1附近容易出现肌肉疲劳。以前,我已经尝试了3个月的常规针灸疗法,但没有任何改善,但是,仅用陈德成博士的特殊动筋针法的一次尝试,我的运动范围就得到了显着改善,消除了肌肉的“打结”,减轻了疼痛和舒适感。坐姿模式增加了一段时间。



Dr. Decheng Chen’s motion acupuncture works wonders on my T12/L1. I had disc herniatedL4/L5 and L5/S1, each onset of the herniation leads to muscle spasm which confined me to bed. The aftermath of it is imbalance along my spine and I am prone to muscle fatigue near T12/L1. Previously I have tried regular acupuncture for 3 months with no improvement, however, with just one try of Dr. Decheng Chen’s special motion acupuncture technique, I experienced significant improvements in range of motion, dissolving muscle “knots”, reduction in pain and comfort in sitting mode for increased period of time.

Now I have to admit that the distinction in Acupunture effectiveness really lies in the doctor’s innovative technique, solid PhD  training in prestigious institutions in China, decades of practice, his profound understanding in patient’s symptoms and unmatched talent in tailoring treatment to patient’s special need.

I look forward to having a tailor made treatment plan for my back issues and full recovery. I will provide more feedback of any key milestones. Besides that, his newly renovated clinic is modern, spacious and cozy, truly it is  a gem in mid town manhattan.

– Emily S. (6/29/2018)







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